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Children learn how to construct simple machines, understanding basic principles of operation. Students thus come in contact with the laws of physics. The goal of the training program is, through cooperation between them, to assemble pulleys, gears, axles, etc. , to solve a problem. So the kids understand all the physical sizes of engineering in a fun way.

The LEGO WeDo2 robotics education program is for elementary school children and has come to upgrade the way robotics is taught to children. Offering brand-new educational material, it gives children the impetus to discover the laws of engineering by observing the mechanisms they construct themselves step by step. The software package and Introductory Activity are designed for elementary school classes, providing an educational solution that will excite students’ curiosity and improve their skills in the areas of science, engineering, technology and programming. Children with bricks build mechanical structures that can be the heroes of their own fantastic adventure and combine problems from the physical world. Connecting to the tablet is wireless, giving unlimited possibilities for movement and structure.

The LEGO MindstormsEV3 Robotics Education Program is aimed at high school-aged children and is a comprehensive STEM education solution based on robotics technology. Educational robotics combines learning with play and thus turns education into a fun activity.

The cost of implementing the aforementioned programs at the school in the afternoon after the classes is 20 euros per month for 90 minutes once a week.The required equipment is provided by us ,such as the educational robotic boxes and tablets required for the completion of the activity. Also the sections are about 10 persons and are divided into 5 groups of 2 persons. Age divided into two sections A / B / C and D / E / F. At the end of each lesson, parents are informed via e-mail about the children’s progress. At the close of the year, a Certificate of Completion is given and free internal competitions are held in our school where a confirmation is given.

Finally, we present the Psychology & Support Services of Parents and Children in our school with the aim of resolving cognitive-behavioral issues that are of concern to parents and prevent the healthy development of children and adolescents. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.